Thursday, 2 April 2015

A Little Haul From Silk Naturals

You've probably read my raves about Silk Naturals. It's one of my go-to indie online makeup stores. My last order actually consisted of only a few items Go Me! As hard as it is, I really am trying to treat myself to makeup less and less. Goodness knows I don't need anything, but an order here and there is kind of ok, well better at least, lol.

 I had taken advantage of last year's Black Friday sale to buy full sizes of HD Cream Foundation and Salmon Concealer, because I enjoyed the samples so much. I also took the opportunity to replace my lash serum, and well, the bright pink eye shadow was a treat to myself. Because my order was over $30, I received Satellite as GWP, and PS was the free sample included in my order. Another free sample that I forgot to include in the photo, is "Replay" lipstick, which you'll see later in this post.

Here's a closer look of the eye shadows:

 Satellite- Pale peach with golden duo chrome.

P.S.- Light peachy orange.

Volume- Hot pink with purple duo chrome.

Using all 3 shadows.

 Replay- Berry red.

I am so thrilled with everything I got. I have to stop myself from going to the website to buy a full size of Replay. I can see Silk Naturals being one of my favourite brands for a long time to come, I get so excited when they release new products. I just know that the quality is going to be good.

Have you tried Silk Naturals?


  1. Replay is gorgeous! And that pink eye shadow, Volume, is extremely vibrant!

    1. I'm loving red lipsticks at the moment, and this one is so pretty. And, yes, OMG Volume is divine