Friday, 17 April 2015

Skinn By Dimitri Smudge Stick

I have a few eye shadow sticks, but to be honest, I don't reach for them much. More often than not, reaching for loose eye shadows. A Skinn pack that contained a few skin care items that I had been wanting to try was being offered on TVSN (I am so addicted to that shopping channel, can you tell??), included were 3 Smudge Sticks.

Taken from the Skinn website- "Line, smudge, shadow or color- Smudge Sticks do it all. This incredible water-resistant, transfer-resistant... lasts all day, including through a dip in the pool."

The Smudge Sticks come in a pencil form, which are retractable, yessssss!

They have such a smooth consistency.

These pencils just glide across the skin, consistency wise, they remind my of Urban Decay 24/7 liners. Beautiful pigmentation, and no skipping across the skin.

I found that once applied, there was ample time to smudge out if desired. I actually used a brush to blend into my crease, and it worked very well. 

One of the things that I really appreciated about using these Smudge Sticks was that I did not have to be concerned about transfer. I just hate with hooded lids, I might apply a bright eye liner along my upper lashline, only to find that it ends up along my crease, not a good look! Once set, these beauties really don't budge. Which meant no creasing, a problem I often get with product on my lids.

Here's a look I created using the 3 Smudge Sticks that I own:

I am not very confident when it comes to creating a smoky eye, but I found it easy with Skinn Smudge Sticks. Great on the lid, and wonderful to line the lower lashline, for that smudged look. 

Do you use pencil or cream eye shadows?


  1. These look really nice! I really love the darker brown shade! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

    1. They really are beautiful, not only the way they look, but also apply and last xx

  2. Have to admit you have pretty much convinced meto try Skinn more than Dmitri himself has. I want to try the pack with three of these and the eye palettes that looks very similar to the Marc Jacobs one.
    I love TVSN as well andYBF is the brand whose products I have been so impressed with the quality and performance. I love her yellow cream and powder, contour with the three shade concealer and powder and the illuminator is beautiful. Her Lipsticks and glossses are amazing and
    now I can add incredible eyeshadows to what I love The Body Oil is the if you are going out in summer or at night.
    So excited because tomorrow the major Pur Minerals prize pack I won should arrive. Another great brand and I can't wait to see what is in it.
    Will step off the soapbox now . Just so glad to know I am not alone in appreciating these amazing brands To me, it is just a different marketing model that really relies on word of mouth I find the site reviews helpful too.
    Great blog great Instagram and love reading your BH posts too.
    Ok, really going now

  3. In that incredibly long post I still forgot to say I really liked this eye ook :-)

    1. Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Oh, I hope you love the smudgesticks as much as I do! I love YBF, too! Some time ago I bought a beauty case containing lipsticks, eyeshadows, yellow concealer and powder, and the brow pencil, which I adore! A huge congrats on winning the amazing Pur prize! Wow, so looking forward to seeing all the goodies you receive!
      Thanks again xx