Saturday, 24 October 2015

Halle Berry "Pure Orchid"

Description- "Top notes are amalfi lemon, papaya and cactus, middle notes are star anise, orchid and blackberry, base notes are patchouli, tonka bean and sequoia."

This perfume is sweet, tangy fruit. I detect the berries, but can only slightly detect the floral component.

Upon drydown, it develops a creamy, earthiness that is rich, yet still sweet and fruity.The patchouli gives this fragrance more of an exotic feel . 

Oh boy, I adore this stage, but it becomes very close to the skin. If it provided more sillage, I would definitely add a full size to my perfume collection. I'll try pouring the rest of the sample into an atomizer and have my fingers crossed that I'll get more longevity when sprayed on my clothes, because "Pure Orchid" is so me!

I hope you are having a fab Sunday! :)

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