Friday, 9 October 2015

Kim Kardashian "Pure Honey"

KK has put her name to some lovely perfumes, I have to admit. I can't say that I enjoy adding to her fortune, but I can't help what my nose loves. After a quick sniff in store, I knew I had to buy "Pure Honey".

Description- "...composition of notes of roses and wild honeycomb"

At first spray I get rich, golden honey that is slightly boozy. Don't think your typical sickly sweet honey note, this is more like warm, flowing honey that you just want to dip your finger in.

Upon drydown, the white floral emerges working to compliment the honey, and giving a Summery feel. There's that slightly spicy note of rose, but it doesn't smell strongly of heady florals, it's creamier.

I don't find this fragrance to be heavy at all. It lingers, but only in wafts, like a warm Summer breeze.

Although there is that gourmand element, I find the perfume to be feminine and grown-up.

I really love the angular shape of this bottle. And the bee, well it's just too cute!

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