Monday, 10 April 2017

Boe Professional BB Cream and Concealer

Boe Professional is a makeup brand available at Big W. It is a very affordable range. I have tried a couple of lipsticks in the past and really liked them so I decided to take a chance on the BB Cream.

Taken from Big W- "Conquer the art of mutli-tasking with the Boe Professional BB cream and concealer. The BB cream with a built-in concealer in the cap even has a small mirror to ensure precise application. The BB cream contains among others aloe vera, vitamin E, shea butter and helps hydrate and condition the skin. It gives the skin a medium coverage, while still leaving the skin with a nice natural finish and a lovely glow."

The BB Cream is packaged in a 35 ml white tube with simple label, I quite like it.

Under the black flip top lid, there is a small tub of concealer. To access the BB cream, the lid needs to be removed to reveal a small nozzle for dispensing product.

Here I have the concealer blended out on top, with some of the BB cream underneath. The concealer is quite creamy in consistency. Initially I thought it would be too dark for my skintone. As a concealer it is, however it's fantastic for colour correcting my under eyes before applying the BB cream. It smooths on well and does a good job of counteracting the very dark circles I have.

The BB cream is quite thick. It does smooth across the skin well. The coverage is medium and this is more like a foundation than a BB cream. Although I find it easy to blend, I do find that this product feels heavy and remains tacky. In hot weather it just doesn't feel nice or look that great because it can look quite oily.

In saying that, I don't hate it. Why? Because like a foundation, if I finish it with a dusting of powder it does set the BB cream. It does look better with powder, making it more of a dewy finish rather than an oil slick.

The BB cream may perform better in the cooler months, but that will be a no go for me anyway. I have the shade Medium which I can only just get away with wearing now, but in Winter my skintone will be too light to wear this shade. 

Even though it's budget friendly, I don't love it enough to bother buying another shade just to see if it will work for me, I have other BB creams that I enjoy already/ The concealer I like but it's not mind-blowing enough for me that I need it in my life.

I will show you a pic of me wearing the Boe BB Cream and Concealer with a full face of makeup.

I really like the idea of this 2-in-1 product, it's just a shame that I didn't like it more.

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