Monday, 24 April 2017

Sucreabeille Perfume Oils

**Before I begin my post, I would like to warn readers and include a disclaimer that this post does contain explicit language

As you probably already know I love indie beauty brands, hence my social media name IndieAna. They are unique and exciting to me. I come across Sucreabeille in an interesting way. I was actually watching a YouTube video on how the YouTuber dealt with anxiety. She was talking about a scented balm she used that now was unfortunately unavailable. Well, in the comments section someone recommended her oil *Calm The Fuck Down.

I headed straight for the Sucreabeille online store, I knew that I needed the oil so proceeded to order it blind. Of course, how could I just buy one thing? I included a few samples as well.

I ordered a pack of 5 samples and the largest out of the 2 sizes available for the Calm The Fuck Down perfume oil.

 Taken from Sucreabeille- "This is a sigh-inducing blend of essential oils (lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, vanilla and patchouli). In an almond oil base."

The oil is available in a 3.55 ml dram vial and 10 ml roll-on. I bought the roll-on and like the ease of use in applying an oil via roller-ball style packaging.

I apply to the inside of my wrists, crook of my elbows and learnt from the creator of Love Potion perfumes a line from my cleavage down to my naval and around my belly button in an upside down lollipop. The middle of the body radiates heat to diffuse the scent in an efficient manner.

The fragrance combines the lavender, ylang, bergamot, vanilla in such a smooth, rich blend with just enough patchouli to ground the scent enhancing the longevity. It is quite dark and full bodied upon application, having a slightly woody feel, but with no sharpness at all. 

After wear it softens, becoming velvety with no loud notes. Just a perfect blend that is like a warm hug. Comforting during stressful times, encouraging my breathing to slow, taking in the sweet rich aroma with each breath.

I would say that the scent is unisex, so the guys can benefit from it, too.

I love this perfume so much that it now lives in my handbag so I have access of it at all times.

Oh, and upon request you can have a censored label on the bottle.

 The samples can be bought in a set of 5. It is up to you to choose the perfumes. The huge catalog of scents can be found here

Choosing the samples was not an easy task. After going over the scent list a few times I decided on the following (with brief reviews)
*Leonine- Not my fave out of the bunch. Begins tart and citrusy with a dark spicy note. It soon becomes cologne-y on my skin.
*Sir Didymus- Boozy rich with gourmand spice and slight tartness with an added woody note thanks to the pine.
*Champanilla- Ooh, this one is very dark and vanilla-ry.
*Let Them Eat Violet Cake- Cake batter with that distinct crisp velvety floral note.
*Spirit Temple- A heady incense blend with what reminds me of caramel and gourmand spices.

I need full sizes of Champanilla and Spirit Temple, maybe even Let Them Eat Violet Cake, too!! :)

*These items were bought and paid for by me.


  1. Aaaah. Now I know why your page is Indie-Ana. I always wondered about that.

    I love fragrances for the same reason -- to change/influence one's mood. Nice!

    1. Yep, I love indie hunting, Roz xx

  2. Gonna have to check these out. I like the idea of owning a perfume that says "calm the fuck down" (I wouldn't censor the label because I likes a good swear)'d be a talking point that's for sure. (Plus me & anxiety & all.)

    1. I'm not much of a swearer, but I do like the shock value when I pull out this oil, lol xx