Saturday, 3 January 2015

December Empties

Well, I was hoping to finish 2014 with a bang, but I really didn't empty many products in the month of December. Let me show you.

Ciencia8 Collagen8- This is my second bottle that I have used. The serum is so moisturizing and feels incredible on. My skin seems to love it, since using has become baby soft and almost blemish free!
Repurchase? I am using my last Collagen8. I would buy again, but alas I can't justify spending so much on skincare :'(

Haus of Gloi "Imp" perfume sample- I just love perfume samples, such a great way to test perfumes. I think you often need more than one use to determine if a perfume is for you or not. Haus of Gloi is a favourite among many indie perfume oil lovers.
Repurchase? No. Nice, but not a must have.

Virus Insanity "Jasper" Eye Shadow- I finished a sample of this eye shadow, which lasted many uses. You can see me wearing it here.
Repurchase? Although "Jasper" is a colour I really like, I have others like it, so really don't need a full size.

Ciencia8 Vitamin8- I'm always on the look out for a product that promises to rid my skin of pigmentation. Not many deliver results.
Repurchase? Once I got to the last drop of this light cream, I panicked a little. Why? Because I was seeing results!

This photo was taken almost 4 months ago

 This photo was only taken days ago
I would love to buy again, but as with this range, I can't really afford it, when having to replace product every month.

Haus of Gloi "Litchi Milk"- Another sample perfume oil finished, I'm slowly getting through them!
Repurchase? No. Surprisingly, I didn't like this popular fragrance.

Select Clear Zinc Sunscreen- Using sunscreen is a staple in my skincare routine. I now opt for a zinc based sunscreen, rather than a chemical one.
Repurchase? This no frills sunscreen is one that initially I didn't like the feel of, because it is rather thick on my skin. But, in saying that, my skin didn't have a problem with the consistency at all. I have other sunscreen on hand, but would consider buying again in future.

Ophelia MakeUp Rounds- These cotton pads are from Aldi. Cheap and do the job.
Repurchase? Definitely!

FCUK Her- Hmmm, that reads a little rude doesn't it!! lol. Anyway, a cheap perfume that I have been using for some time. I also have some other perfumes from this funky brand. 
Repurchase? Liked the scent a lot, but wasn't upset that I had finished the bottle (which I hate the design of!) So, I don't feel the need to buy another.

How did you go in the month of December? If you've published an empties blog post, please link it in the comments. I love reading these types of posts :)


  1. Awesome work, I'm especially impressed that you got through that perfume!

    1. Thanks, hun. I am actually sad that I finished the Ciencia8 products :(

  2. You did well, December is such a busy month it can be so hard to even think about the empties! Great results on your skin! Happy New Year lovely! xx

    1. Happy New Year to you, too, Candy! I read your empties post, you did quite well, yourself xx

  3. I love the Haus Litchi Milk lotion but don't know if I'd like it as a perfume either. I hate the design of that FCUK perfume too, I find it really hard to push down on

    1. After reading so many raves over Litchi Milk, I was surprised that it just wasn't for me. Thank goodness for samples! LOL. I know what you mean about trying to spray those FCUK perfume bottles, they can be such a pain. I wish they'd change them, because the fragrances are actually quite good :)