Sunday, 4 January 2015

Lapurete Okuru Mild Creme Facial Cleanser and Toner

After not being excited by Lapurete Okuru night cream, I was in no hurry to open the trial sized cleanser that I had in my skincare stash. 

After slowly working through other cleansers, I came to the Okuru Mild Creme Facial Cleanser and Toner. Like all other cleansers, it claims to remove dirt and impurities. Okuru Passionflower are added to the formula to maintain skin's moisture levels, helping to minimize signs of ageing. Not only does this cleanse, but also tones the skin.

For a trial size, the tube is a generous 40ml of product. I like the simple design of the packaging.

The consistency of the white creme cleanser is rather rich.

I like to use this cleanser at night in the shower, after I have cleansed any makeup with oil. 

The scent is a fresh, light, floral, I quite like it.

The cleanser feels luxurious on the skin. I find I don't need a lot of product, which is surprising. I normally find that I feel the need for more when using a creme cleanser. I guess because a gel lathers, which seems to make it go further.

I must say that I am much happier with this Lapurete product. It is gorgeous to use, my skin feels hydrated, whilst removing the last traces of makeup. This would be one of my favourite creme cleansers that I have used so far.


  1. I quite liked this cleanser when I used it - great scent!