Thursday, 6 October 2011


If you are open to being enabled, like to try out different indie sellers and love a bargain (seriously, who doesn't??) then Heartsy is the site for you..I know it is for me :)
Heartsy showcases many sellers predominately from Etsy, some from Artfire, selling products such as bath and beauty, jewellry, art, etc... These sellers, via Heartsy, offer vouchers. You simply purchase a voucher, which is a fraction of the price that your voucher covers, you are then given a code, and instructions on how to redeem the voucher at the selected store. Payments are accepted through Paypal.

I hope I haven't caused any confusion, it is all really simple to follow on the site.

Heartsy also offers a VIP program, which I may or may not be a member of ;) this is at a charge of $10 a month. In return, you receive an extra $10 credit on each voucher plus have the opportunity to take advantage of offers a day early. The money is direct debited from your paypal account, and can be cancelled at any time.

I can't recall any problems that I've had with any sellers (yes, there's been quite a few vouchers bought, lol), tho, it is a good idea to do a google search on sellers, just to make sure that they've had good feedback from buyers, plus if you're not from the US, it's important to check postage details, as some sellers don't do international postage. I've made that mistake before, however, I simply contacted Heartsy about this, and they were quick to refund my money, so their customer service is great.

I've come across some sellers that I will and have bought from again, these will be coming up in future reviews :)

Well, what are you waiting for, check Heartsy out!


  1. I was enabled by you and have to thank you for that :) I loved being a VIP member. Some deals are just too good to miss!

  2. Su, I had to repay your perfume seller recs ;)