Friday, 14 October 2011

Storing My Scented Goodies

This is my first blog entry in a series that showcases how I store my beauty products. I'm beginning with perfumes, fulfilling a request made by the lovely Su, gorgeous friend, and writer of the blog, My Perfume Diaries. Perfumes being one of my latest online shopping obsessions, I wanted to find a way to store my perfume samples as they were beginning to pile up on my dresser. I finally decided on this easy-to-make storage solution.

I simply sewed elastic banding (me and sewing are not a good combination, so it has to be really simple for me to even attempt, lol) onto a large, fabric placemat. I sewed each elastic band with vertical lines 3cm apart, making it perfect sizing for samples. It's by no means perfect, but looks good hanging on my wall, showcasing my ever increasing collection of perfume oil samples.

For my full sizes and solid perfumes, I store them in a train case. The case has a few compartments, making it a very convenient storage solution.

Hmmm, so much space to fill in that case ;)

I also have a small case that I store perfumes that I'm yet to trial. Of course I sniff all scented goodies that come my way, but I like to give them at least a day of testing, just in case a perfume is not for me.

Stay tuned for my next blog entry on storage..Skincare :)


  1. Thanks for posting this :) I think it is a genius of an idea! I'm yet to try it, very eager :) Can't wait for the skin care storage! x

  2. Su, I'm sure you'd need twice the size to store all your samples :)