Monday, 17 October 2011

Nail Polish Storage

Not that long ago, I used to store my nail products in a small basket, but as the occasional urge to purchase a colour here and there resulted in overflow of bottles, I decided I needed something more practical. I am a fan of those stationary draws (which will feature in my final entry in this series, makeup storage) but found that they were never deep enough for the polishes to stand up inside. Anyway, on one of my many trips to those $2 type stores, I come across a set of deep plastic draws. I snapped it up, knowing it was exactly what I was looking for.

On top there's 2 compartments, one that I store base/top coat products, the other one has a lid, inside I keep nail stamping tools and nail crystals.

In the first draw, I store nail art polishes.

In the following draws are where I keep my nail polishes.

My nail polish collection ranges from high end, such as Zoya and OPI to cheapies from discount stores, I'm not fussy, I just like pretty colours, lol.

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