Monday, 16 December 2013

Houston, We Have A problem! Freeze Frame Instant Lash.

It might sound a little crazy, but when I finish a make up product, I feel like I have accomplished something. I rarely ever throw an unfinished product away. When I do, it seriously means that it has not worked for me, hence my new series "Houston We Have A Problem!"
My first product to enter this series is Freeze Frame Instant Lash

Believe me when I say that I truly wanted this product to work for me, after many tries, I had to say good bye. The first thing that I did not like about this mascara was how many applications it took to get the desired result. I was willing to take the extra time it took, as eventually it did add gorgeous length to my stumpy lashes. What I couldn't deal with was the irritation caused by the mascara flaking during the day. I was forever trying to rid my eyes of the irritating mascara "flakes". I gave the mascara a few chances, but almost every time I had to deal with this problem.
Sadly, the Freeze Frame Instant Lash found the bottom of the rubbish bin. Please note, that with Hay Fever season my eyes water quite a bit, so this could certainly be why the mascara didn't work for me.


  1. aww that's such a shame, i was quite tempted to redeem it during beautorium! I've found lancome, YSL and shiseido to do quite well with my lashes so far ^_^

    1. I had high hopes, Lily, but it's just not for me, unfortunately