Monday, 2 December 2013

Skincare Update

This post is long overdue, I can't believe that my last update was in July! Eek, where has the year gone! Since then I have a very different routine, with new products.
AM Routine-
Dr LeWinns Refining Toner
Spritz of Chamomile tea
Palmers Rejuvinating Serum (only just started using)
Onsen Truth Eye Serum and Soothing Eye Cream (loving these!)
Elixia Tinted Multi-V Moisturiser with SPF (this range has now been replaced with an improved formulation)
When I am not wearing foundation, I have been using Garnier BB Cream.
As you can see, I know longer cleanse in the mornings. It made sense to me after reading that if you cleanse well enough at night, you shouldn't need to in the am. I do tone to rid my skin of dead skin cells.

PM Routine-
One Hand Washes The Other Magic Soap (so great for problematic skin)
Dr LeWinns Refining Toner
Palmers Rejuvinating Serum
Onsen Eye Gel and Cream
Avibon Vitamin A Pommade (only just started using)
I have now put my Clarisonic cleansing brush away and use gauze to cleanse, which gently exfolites the skin.

Since my last skincare post, instead of applying masks on 2 separate nights, I now apply them on the one night. I have been using Onsen Whitecare Corrective Mask, then Skinfood Volcanic Mud Mask.

Warning, naked pics ahead..of my face, people! :P





* marks before pic, with after pic following.

The improvements that I can detect most is that my skin appears to look clearer, and my under eye area appears more hydrated, with the plumpness giving me the appearance of diminished lines. I would like to see more fading of pigmentation and less darkness around the eyes would be fabulous. Wishful thinking? I hope not!

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