Monday, 30 December 2013

To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase- Mirenesse Youth Switch Face Serum

With a name like Youth Switch, I could not wait to try the DNA Stem Cell Booster Face Serum, a relatively new product from Mirenesse.

This serum contains many ingredients containing antiageing benefits, including 2 peptides! The formulation is designed to not only slow down the ageing process of the skin, but also turn the clock back. Too good to be true??
As shown in the picture, the serum comes in a 15g tube. I find the gold colour quite pleasing to the eye. The packaging is simple, yet application directions are still included. The serum fits easily into any routine. It is recommended to be the first product used after cleansing and toning. 
The nozzle is not something I have come across before. It is designed to allow better control of product. I do find that it can take some squeezing to extract enough product for the face and neck. Maybe I used too much?? The consistency is almost cream like, with a pleasant citrusy type scent.
The serum absorbed quite quickly into the skin, I often applied more, even though it dispersed easily over the skin. This caused me to use up the serum quite quickly, if I was to use again, I would do so more sparingly, as it is not exactly a budget product, oops!
Would I repurchase? I only used one tube, so I think more than one would prove to be more beneficial for the skin. It did feel lovely on the skin, giving it a plump radiance. As far as antiageing improvements, I can't say that I was wowed. In saying that, I would consider trying in the future if I was to stick to using it for a few months.


  1. Thanks for the review ^_^

    Serums are so pricey, I do like my serums with retinol, they do an amazing job at getting rid of wrinkles!

    1. Lily, you are so right, serums can be quite expensive. I don't mind so much of I see results, but I get impatient and often don't give products much of a chance to "wow" me, lol