Thursday, 9 January 2014

A'dor Beauty

Well, now that my no-buy is over, I've gone a little bit crazy buying up online. One of these buying frenzies includes some goodies from A'dor Beauty, an online seller from Etsy, run by Olivia Anderson. All items are vegan, these include eye shadows, nail polish, lip products, blush and much more. Of course, I can't resist nail polish and eye shadows. However, I didn't go too overboard, I don't want to be on that dreaded no-buy again in a hurry, lol!

Nidalee- Golden neutral.

Lucky- Copper

Virgo- Deep blue.

Mermaid- Teal. OMG, I'm in love! :)

Here I am wearing Mermaid on my lid. It is just so beautiful, I didn't feel the need for another colour! :)

To complete this look, I used Nidalee on my inner lid, Lucky on the outer 2/3 and a little Virgo in the crease to contour. 
As you can see, the shadows are well pigmented and blendable. The texture is just beautiful.

Red Hottie (how cute is that name!) Look and feel of gels. I just adore this chili red colour. What shocked me the most was just how easy the polish was to remove!

Well, I'll have to head back to A'dor Beauty for some more products. The shadows were a dream to apply and I'd love to try some other polishes. I at least need a full size of Mermaid eye shadow!


  1. So pigmented!!! Lucky is my favourite, I tend to always opt for colours with a tint of rose. The nail polish is gorgeous!!!

    1. I was very impressed by the products, Lily. Thanks for commenting, hun :)

  2. Omg these colours are to die for! *swoons* Mermaid is stunning and looks fab on you! I might have to investigate further...

    1. Thank you, lovely. Mermaid is definitely going to be added to my collection in full size! :)