Monday, 13 January 2014

To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase- Dr Lewinns Refining Toner

Thanks to a Gift With Purchase at Priceline, I was able to try Dr LeWinns Refining Toner.

The blue toned liquid comes in a large 178ml bottle. Unscrewing the lid reveals a "stopper" with hole, so you just simply tip to pour a small amount onto a cotton pad (my choice of application method)
It smells quite refreshing and herbal, thanks to the aloe vera and cucumber extract.
Using this toner is a great way to finish the cleansing process. Any impurities are removed, whilst returning the skin's PH level back to normal.
I love that the refining abilities of this toner are not achieved with the drying effects of alcohol.
The toner is targeted at normal to dry skin tones, however I found that it worked well to remove my skin of oil on my combination type.
Would I repurchase? To be honest, toner is a product I use, but it's not on my radar until I need it. I generally buy whatever is reasonably priced that fits into my skincare criteria of being gentle, yet effective. In short, I certainly wouldn't rule it out, though I probably wouldn't feel the need to seek out this toner in particular.


  1. That's no good it didn't really blow you away enough to be eager to buy it again. I've seen this plenty of times at Priceline and I've always been tempted to give it a whirl. I think I wanted to try it purely based on it looks :) I think the packaging looks nice.

    1. To be fair, it serves its purpose. I don't tend to be loyal to a particular toner, well, any beauty product, lol, but am content for a toner to perform its task of removing the last traces of makeup. I pretty much reach for whatever appears to be a decent toner, lol :)