Monday, 21 April 2014

Mission Accomplished- MUA 3-in-one Contour Pen

MUA Cosmetics is a UK based company. Thankfully they are available online for purchase, making the brand accessible here in little old Australia. I love a good budget brand, and MUA is both good and affordable. With most brands, there's hits and misses with certain products, but it's not so bad when you're not spending big $$$.

 Recently I finished MUA 3-in-one Contour Pen in Dark Brown. The "pen", which is more crayon-like, is quite a unique shape. The end is angled, giving you the option of 3 looks. A thick, defined or soft look, can be achieved because of the forgiving liner. I didn't own anything like this product in my collection, so I took the opportunity to buy when there was a sale.
I found this product easy to apply. Smooth, no tugging. I love that it is retractable, no sharpening, yay! It has a glossy finish, and I found that the dark brown was a great alternative to black for day wear.
What I did have problems with was length of wear, I found that it smudged after a few hours. It does not stay in place on me, well not on my upper lashline, where I generally like to wear liner. 
Fortunately, I got use out of this liner by using it along my lower lashes. It was perfect, because I was able to achieve my preferred smudged look for this part of my eye area and it seemed to last throughout wear without smudging or disappearing.
This Contour Liner from MUA wasn't a bad one, but with the many pencils on offer, I feel I can buy budget pencil liners in store that provide what I need, without having to wait for postage.
Still a huge fan of this brand, just not this liner :)

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