Tuesday, 8 April 2014

To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase- Skinn Deep Wrinkle Protocol

The shopping network, TVSN has a lot to answer for. With the wonderful demonstrations and tempting information, I have had many impulse buys.
One of these impulse buys resulted in purchasing Skinn Deep Wrinkle Protocol. Inside this pack I received a Sonic Tool, line peel solution  and Erasing serum. 
The Line Peel Solution consists of a multi-fruit acid complex along with mandelic acid, white tea extract and vitamin C. This formula acts to exfoliate the skin, preparing it for further treatment. 
The Erasing Serum uses amino acid encapsulating technology to hydrate skin, thus reducing lines and wrinkles.
The Sonic Tool increases the effectiveness of serums by using pulsating vibrations to promote maximum absorption into the skin.
As directed, I applied the liquid Line Peel Solution first, using a cotton pad. Even with the active ingredients, I did not experience any adverse reactions. 
Next in this 2-step skin treatment is the Erasing Serum. I began by applying to the lines on my forehead, eye area crows feet and lip lines. I then proceeded to massage into my skin with the Sonic Tool. I felt nothing but gentle vibration from this tool. With the rubber end and serum, there was no tugging, the tool just glided over my skin.
Would I purchase again? Oh, this is a hard one. This product works immediately to reduce fine lines, I was so impressed. But, the effect is not permanent, and I only seemed to get noticeable results with the Sonic Tool. Maybe with use of replacements, I might get results using over a longer time period, but, to be honest, I am just too lazy to incorporate these extra steps in my routine. I prefer a simple skincare routine, and don't really like to take a long time applying products. Ok, I only needed to use the tool for 30 seconds to a minute on each area, but seriously, I find that to even be a hassle. 
Skinn Deep Wrinkle Protocol would be a perfect system for a big event, OR for a more dedicated, less lazy person, lol. I will, however, continue to use the Sonic Tool, as it can be used to apply any serums and eye creams.


  1. Oh TVSN is the devil! LOL not really. I get glued to that channel late at night when I'm in bed. Purminerals is killing me! I don't know how I resist not dialing that number on my phone....it's a miracle!
    I must admit I haven't see the Skinn Deep Wrinkle Protocol before but I have seen other Skinn products. It looks and sounds really lovely but I know exactly what you mean about products being time consuming a bit of a hassle. I also just like to slap whatever on my face...then get straight back to family life. Sadly pamper days don't come often enough now.

    1. Purminerals is one that I've wanted to try from, too, along with Eve Pearl, Elysee, Nourish, Oil of Morocco, yeah I could go on and on, lol.

  2. This is exactly the products i was searching for a review for! Thanks so much for posting this, I've been eyeing off these products for a while... and notice they're at a pretty good price right now on tvsn (yes it is the late night devil to me too lol) I love skincare and the whole woohoo its me time of it all but yeh the way you explain it, im not sure i could commit to a regime that's not working toward a permanent fix... maybe i should just get botox and be done with it lol... (not really)

    1. I'm so glad that this review was of use to you, Sharose, and thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it. I am certainly wanting a few other Skinn products, but find it overwhelming with all the choices, they all sound great and beneficial, but I don't fancy having to apply a dozen products morning and night. I much prefer a simplified skincare routine :)