Monday, 14 April 2014

SOTD- Arcana Cake Lust

Hmmm, should I thank Dee, or curse her? Just kidding, thank her of course, but I can BLAME her for wanting, no needing, another perfume oil.

Among the decanted samples that Dee had kindly sent me, was Arcana Cake Lust.
Described as "Golden bakery cakes spiked with blonde tobacco, pipe tobacco, Basalm of Peru, cardamon and mace."
Now I can't tell you what mace and Basalm of Peru smells like, however, cakes, the gourmand spice of cardamon and the smokiness of tobaccos, oh yes, my nose detects those for sure! 
This foody fragrance is blended to perfection, with the added tobacco giving richness and a sexy smoky touch. This perfume is heavenly delicious and so naughty with seduction. 
Upon application, imagine me like those cartoon characters floating towards an irresistible smell. I am in gourmand heaven with this oil, it's INSANE. If only I could bathe in it! 
If this wasn't enough, do you want to know the best part? It lasts, like I mean hours! When I first dabbed it on I thought that like most other gourmand vanillary smelling goodness, it would disappear way too quickly. Not this one! 
This heavenly perfume oil needs to be replaced immediately, low-buy or not! LOL 


  1. wow, this scent sounds interesting! I've never tried perfume oil mainly because I didn't know what the difference is between the oil and the usual perfume, but I think i'll need something that lasts for a bit longer than a couple of hours. i'll bee keeping an eye out!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  2. I adore indie perfume oils, Lily. Unique, and generally good for the budget compared to alcohol based perfumes. I like that most sellers have samples available, so much fun in perfume sampling :)