Tuesday, 22 April 2014

SOTD- Arcana What Larks!

Today's Scent of the Day is another Arcana perfume oil, thanks to Dee.

What Larks! is a limited edition oil from The Great Expectations Collection. Described as "A happy blend of English strawberries and salted milk caramels strewn across polished wood."
On me, this oil is rich, creamy, indulgence. The strawberries lift the fragrance, a touch of fruity sweetness, not tartness, but almost like strawberry jam. Over time, I noticed a smokiness emerge, wood perhaps? When I wear this perfume I am reminded of the wafting scent of a delicious candle, when it has just been blown out.
This scent lingers nicely, not loud, but it does last.
I'm not sure that I need a full size, but I am going to enjoy the rest of the sample vial. Thanks again, Dee :)

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