Thursday, 2 October 2014

September Empties

I have always enjoyed "Empties" blog posts. I don't know why I had never done one myself, but here I am jumping on the band wagon. 

These posts will replace both my "To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase" and "Mission Accomplished" series. I'll still do more individual in depth reviews on products, but as the previous titles suggest, I was only reviewing after finishing products. Now, I'll review products when I feel I have used them long enough to form an opinion, then with the introduction of monthly "empties" posts, I can just give a summarized run down of the products. I hope you don't mind this change.

As you can see, I didn't finish a huge amount of products this month.

A regular feature will be Ophelia cotton wool pads exclusive to Aldi. They're the only ones I buy. Not only cheap, but soft and don't fall apart. I use them to apply toner and remove nail polish.
Repurchase? Always.

I finally finished Skin Doctors T-Zone Oily Control Cleanser. I had received it from website, Beauty Heaven, to trial. Having combination skin, it serves its purpose to clear oil where needed. I feel now that my skin benefits more from hydrating cream cleansers. 
Repurchase? Maybe when I was younger, but not now.

It took me some time to try the much raved about Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion, but when I did, I soon realised what the fuss was about. I reviewed it here
Repurchase? As much as I adore the actual product, I find the packaging quite cumbersome. I have a bad habit of dropping the bottle and smashing the lid. I am going to give the Vaseline moisturising spray a try. If I'm not a fan, I'll most likely come back to the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion.

The easiest product to finish was perfume sample "Insalata Nocturna" from Haus of Glois. I recently reviewed it here
Repurchase? No. It is a beautifully blended perfume, but it's just not for me.

A sunscreen is a must-have item in my collection. When discount online store Ozsale had Dermaclear Organic Sunscreen for a bargain price, I decided to purchase a 3 bottle pack. I hadn't heard of the brand before, but the deal was too good to pass up, especially when the broad spectrum sunscreen has an SPF of 30+ . This was my last tube, I didn't review this sunscreen because I had no idea where it could be purchased. I loved this sunscreen. It wore well, and caused no break outs or congestion on my skin. Upon further investigation (thanks google!) I discovered that DermaClear was developed by an accredited medical team from Australia and NZ. The range is available here, but the sunscreen appears to be currently unavailable.
Repurchase? I am not in need of sunscreen at the moment, but I would be more than happy to replace it in future.

Now, something that I did not come close to finishing (try one use only!) was the Nude By Nature Mineral Lip Liner. I was only too happy to throw this pencil away. I found it way too firm, even trying to draw on my hand to remove any residue, it was too hard. The included brush on the end was also useless. Needless to say, I will not be buying again!


  1. Great empties post! Shame about the lip liner, I haven't tried any Nude by Nature products myself. Looking forward to reading your post each month! xx

    1. Thank you, lovely. Seriously, the lip liner was terrible! I was hoping for a decent product, but it wasn't usable for me!

  2. BURN ALL THE NBN LIP LINERS!!!!! They are just so wrong!

    Welcome to the world of empties posts! These are not only my fave to read but my fave to write up as well, it's so satisfying to see that I do actually go through the products I buy and it's a good way to show others that I use stuff when they think I'm a crazy product hoarder (which I am but that's not the point).

    I also find the Nivea in shower lotion bottle to be a bit hard to handle unfortunately but the actual product is really nice. Also i love the Vaseline moisture sprays, they are a favourite of mine but can also be a little messy :(

    1. Wholeheartedly agree with you on the liners! It was a great feeling throwing the empties out, even if there wasn't many, lol.