Friday, 26 June 2015

Creed "Tuberose Indiana"

I love a tuberose perfume, but sometimes they can be headache inducing for me. So I was definitely open to trying "Tuberose Indiana", but beginning with a sample was a must.

Description- "...bergamot, Indian tuberose, vanilla and ambergris infusion."

When I first applied this perfume, I was greeted with a pungent, sour smell that I did not like at all. Before I had a chance to scrub the fragrance off, it began to morph into something more wearable. Sweet, creamy florals with a zesty quality.

"Tuberose Indiana" is a full bloom of white flowers in a bottle. It is such a classically pretty and feminine blend.

 I just wish this perfume lasted longer on my skin.

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