Tuesday, 9 June 2015

May Favourites

I'm pretty excited to post my first ever favourites feature. I have quite a few products to show you that I have been loving.

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser- After finishing up the Spray Moisturiser in the Cocoa formula, I replaced it with the Advanced Strength version. I was totally content with the previous bottle, but wanted to try a different one. This one has been wonderful, as my skin tends to get drier in cold weather. I'm also loving that I don't have to wait long for the moisturiser to absorb before putting clothes on after a shower. It's way too cold to wait around! Lol.

88 Warm palette- Whenever I am wearing makeup, I am almost always using this palette. It is perfect for eye contouring, but I could easily get away with just using these eye shadows. I do everything from highlight my brows and corner of my eyes, to deeper crease and brow bone shades, to even filling in my eye brows. It is so versatile. Also, this version is so easy to find on eBay for a low price. 

SunCeuticals SPF 45 Lotion- This lotion is from the RawSkinCeuticals brand. Light, moisturising and good for the skin. I do have a review on its way, but what I will say is this, it's the best sunscreen that I have ever used!!

Mirenesse BB Pore Powder- I really love this fine milled powder for setting foundation and concealer. It does such a great job without caking the skin. It also makes my foundation stay put for hours. My base products seriously look the same when I am about to remove at the end of the day, as what it did when I first applied it. No touch ups necessary. The one thing that really irks me though is the fragrance, I don't like it. I am willing to overlook that problem because it doesn't stick around for too long, and well, it does a fabulous job!

Skinn Sugar Lips Polishing Scrub- This lip scrub has become a must have product for me. Whenever I plan to wear lipstick, I will give my lips a good scrub with this product during my morning skincare routine. The sugar works on the rough texture of my dry lips, whilst the moisturising oil base hydrates. I don't want to be without this product!

YBF Brow Pencil- I love that I don't have to worry about choosing a shade with this brow pencil. It is universal. Colour is achieved depending on the pressure you use to apply. The pencil is retractable, yay! It does not tug, but is firm enough to control the strokes needed to fill in thee brows. There's also a handy spoolie at the other end, great for grooming brows.

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder- "Pink Shimmer" is the highlighter that I've been wearing almost every day recently. It provides a beautiful iridescent pink sheen that's so easy to sweep on with a brush and is not glittery.

Earthen Glow Minerals Seaside- I only recently pulled out this gloss to wear over a lipstick that was a similar shade. The lipstick is from the same company, but I found it too sheer so have since parted ways. The gloss however is slightly more opaque and is a stunning golden nude shade. The brand no longer operates, unfortunately.

Silk Naturals Kick Start- This little eye shadow sample is such a great colour! Perfect for every day wear, yet it's so pretty and shimmery. I would describe it as a silvery taupe, so different to how I expected the shade to turn out. In the baggie, it looks like a darker colour. Anyway, I'm loving it, and you can see a swatch and me wearing it here.

Skinn Lip 6X Lip Amplifying Serum- Last, but definitely not least is this amazing lip serum. I've used so may lip balms in the past to try and relieve my dry, chapped lips. THIS is SO good! I use it morning and night. I can't believe how long this product lasts, usually around 2-3 hours, which is something I've not experienced from any other lip balm that I've used. Number 1 favourite item of the moment.

What's your current favourite product?


  1. I look forward to reading your RawSkinCeuticals brand sunscreen lotion review. I am still searching for my sunscreen holy grail product! I use so much sunscreen when I'm out watching the kids' athletics and sports but am yet to find one I completely love.

    One of my favourite current products is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream I got in the summer Marie Claire The Parcel subscription box. Yay - new winter Marie Claire The Parcel box arrived today!

    Thanks for linking up to the Monday Makeup Madness #10 link up party :)

    1. I will be posting my sunscreen review on Monday. I hope you will find it helpful xx

  2. I too suffer with dry lips and the sugar scrubs are sooooo good aren't they? I love the name of your Blog too and it's Oh so true...us Ladies are always on the search for a holy grail product aren't we? I'm loving Arbonne Genius wipes at the moments, it's almost a microdermabrasion in a box...so fantastic! :-)

    1. I always thought that sugar scrubs would be too harsh for my dry lips, but I agree, they are awesome, especially for when using bright or dark lipsticks, they go on much better. Well, those Arbonne wipes sound good. I've only used one Arbonne product, and that was the primer, I thought it was fabulous xx

  3. Apologies I took so long to get to this! Great review - love your faves! The silk naturals look so great, I remember reading your review/seeing your swatches previously. The YNF brow pencil by is a product Ive ummed and erred about for so long. I think you've convinced me! :))

    1. Thanks sweet lady. I'm not very competent when it comes to my brows, but I do find that this pencil is easy for me to even use