Saturday, 20 June 2015

Thursday Plantation Macadamia Oil

I'm so glad that there's more awareness about the benefits of using facial oils. Having combination skin, I was once cautious about using an oil. Who would have thought that many natural oils would be good for any skin type.

I was gifted Thursday Plantation Macadamia Oil thanks to Beauty Heaven.  In the past, I had tried the tea tree oil, but had not used a macadamia oil in skincare before, so I was interested in trying to see how my skin would go.

Taken from Thursday Plantation website- "Macadamia Oil is rich in palmitoleic acid (Omega 7), an essential fatty acid that is found in the human skin's sebum, but diminishes with ageing. The Omega 7 found in Thursday Plantation Macadamia Oil works in harmony with natural skin lipids to replenish the skin's protective barrier against moisture loss, leaving the skin deeply hydrated, rejuvenated and plumped. Used as face and body serum, it helps to: Smooth fine lines, rehydrate dry or sun-damaged skin. rejuvenate tired skin that has been exposed to extreme conditions such as harsh sun, hot wonds and dry environment, restore and maintain a youthful appearance to dry and maturing skin."

 Packaged in a decent sized 125 ml bottle.

 Handy pump dispenser.

Thick oil consistency.

Initially, I was just going to use this oil on my hair, macadamia oil for the hair I had heard of! A quick search on my friend Google, I soon discovered that this nut oil had may benefits for the face. The facial oil also contains lavender oil, which I figured would be good for any pesky pimples, because of its anti-inflammatory, calming properties.

As soon as I pumped some product into my hand, I could smell that lavender smell. Normally I'm not a fan, but this blend is quite pleasant and very calming. Perfect for night time use, which is when I like to use a facial oil.

I had to learn to be very light handed with this product. A little really goes a long way. 

The oil is so moisturizing that I don't bother following with any serums, or night cream. 

Using a small amount ensures that the oil is absorbed into the skin without making it feel too oily. I just love the smooth, soft, plump feeling of my face. I often find myself touching my skin!


  1. An oil that doesn't create a big slick is the best! I have a bottle of this, but haven't had the chance to try it yet!

    1. I agree, there's noting worse than an oil that doesn't absorb into the skin.

  2. I actually wasn't a fan of this for my face.
    However I loved using it on my body after a shower, the lavender was very calming for going to sleep!

    1. It really does have a calming scent, doesn't it.

  3. I also got one of these from beautyheaven. I'm the same as you, I'm not usually rapt in lavender, but at night it's so relaxing. I don't use night cream with this either. I read that essential oils aren't good to use if you're going to be in the sun, they can cause pigmentation, but night's fine. I think this is great stuff. Great review..

    1. Thank you. I think I might end up repurchasing this oil when I'm finished.