Saturday, 27 June 2015

Lacura Mineral Clay Mask

You've probably already heard me waffle on about Aldi's own brand Lacura. Apart from the makeup wipes, this is the first skin care product that I have reviewed. The products can be hit and miss, which I guess is common in most brands, but the small outlay is worth trying anything of interest.

The mask comes in a squeeze tube.

 As expected, the tube comes with a flip top lid.

The product is a pale green of, you guessed it, clay consistency.

This clay mask has a herbal smell to it. The product is quite thick, however, I did find it smoothed across my skin fairly easily. 

Recommended time to leave on is 15 minutes, generally I leave on for about 30.

It does dry on the skin and does feel tight. I usually remove when my skin starts feeling itchy. I just wash off with a warm face washer. I actually find this to be a relatively easy process, considering that it does set on the skin.

Once removed, my skin is left feeling clean, soft and smooth. My face no longer feels tight and certainly doesn't feel stripped. I do like that my skin looks less dull after use, especially during Winter when my skin no longer has that healthy sun kissed look.

Do you use a clay mask? If so, what are you loving at the moment?


  1. Loving my Rodial mask at the moment! This sounds like it would be worth trying!

    1. I've heard great things about Rodial. For the price this mask is decent, not my fave but a good cheap back up :)

  2. Im huuuge for clay masques!! Skinn has a superb clay masque, called 'the pore vacuum' ive only just finished up the jar (after ? a year). Theres a super Palmers clay and enzyme masque which Ive been using for about four weeks now, it is AWESOME!!! And very affordable! Im inclined to give tge Lacura one a go, theyre so cheap and therefore worth a go right lol :) great review as always xo

    1. I tried the Skinn clay mask and I finished it in just over a month. I can't believe it has lasted you that long, clearly I had been using too much, lol. The Palmers one sounds nice, I'm going to look into that one, thank you! xx