Tuesday, 29 September 2015

September Empties

It really doesn't seem like a month since my last Empties post! Oh well, here goes..

A little bit of everything in this empties posts, except for perfume samples. Yeah, there's a lot of those!

Masque-ology Brightening Mask- I bought some of these cloth masks online from Ozsale. It was very wet, but clung to my face well. There was a lot of product in this cloth mask. I removed after around 30 minutes. I then massaged the remaining serum into my skin.
Repurchase? I didn't really see any changes in regards to whitening of my skin, which I could really use with all the pigmentation I have. However, I did find it soothing and very hydrating. I do have a couple of others that I am happy to use, but don't feel the need to seek them out to replace.

Ciencia8 Preparation8- This product takes the place of a toner. I would pump twice into the palm of my hand, then apply to my face and neck. It gently exfoliates so that it can be used everyday (am and pm) allowing other products to penetrate deep into the skin.
Repurchase? Loved it, but am not willing to pay the high price of this product. I am sad to see it go, though.

Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer- Since discovering the importance of an eye primer, it is a step in my makeup routine that I never miss. The Elf Mineral Eye Primer did a decent job of preventing creasing and helping it last longer.
Repuchase? No. It worked well, but the taupe colour was darker than my skin tone. I prefer a lighter shade that will brighten the lid. 

Ok, now to the perfumes. I will link the ones I have reviewed, but won't go into any detail. I know there's a lot, but to be fair, once I had reviewed the samples, I put them in an atomizer. I then only got one application out of each.

FCUK Anniversary Edition

Out of these perfumes I want to purchase full sized bottles of "Lanvin Me", "Provocative", "The One Desire", "Ricci, Ricci" and I already have a full size of "Friction"

Unfinished products.

Makeup Revolution Go! To Hell palette- I cannot believe that I am binning an unused eye shadow palette. The lid was broken in transit. This would not sway me to throw a product out, but after swatching I wasn't overly impressed with the shadows. The palette was a freebie, so I don't feel too guilty.

Rimmel ScandalEyes mascara- The mascara has become too thick to use. I didn't love it enough to repurchase, besides I have too many to get through before considering buying another.

Elf Eyelid Primer- This primer performs well, but I don't like the gold colour on my lids. It is slightly metallic, something I don't want in a base.

Essie Luxe Effects "Pure Pearlfection"- This is my favourite topper to add a fine sparkle to a nail polish. Recently I was about to apply it, and the brush broke at the lid. I got through a fair bit of product, so don't feel too bad throwing it away.

Well, it seems that September was a month of many an empty perfume sample. Plus, a first for an unused palette being binned. 

Was September a good month of empties for you?


  1. Every time I do an empties post I think where did that month just go!
    I love reading what people actually finish :)
    The ciencia8 prep does sound lovely, the price tag not so much!

    1. I know, I feel the same! Yeah it's a shame about the price, because the Ciencia8 range is really good. I would consider it if the products lasted longer, but paying that much monthly is not going to happen, lol

  2. Awesome job this month! Wow I will be jumping for joy when I completely use up my elf mineral primer lol- It seems to never end!

    1. Thanks hun. Oh yes, they do last forever, don't they! I cheated with the gold one, but didn't like it, so it was time to go, lol