Thursday, 10 September 2015

Skinn LipLock Duo

Ok, so the concept of these lip products are awesome. Not only do you get a lipstick, but at the other end is the matching lip pencil. How awesome is that! With Skinn LipLock Duo lipsticks there is no searching for a corresponding lip pencil and being dual ended, they only take up the space of one product.

Taken from Skinn- "Skinn's LipLock Duo is everything you need for your lips. Infused with a sweet, mint flavour and is packed with lip-drenching emolients to keep lips moist and supple all day long, with the added benefit of water and transfer-resistant lip liner that will give you the look that will last all day! Line, Fill, Color and enjoy!

Pretty in Pink.

Blushing Beauty

Muted Coral

The pencils apply easily, gliding across the lips, with enough firmness for good control. In the photos, you can see just how creamy the lipsticks are. Longevity is what you expect for a cream finish lipstick, it lasts quite well, but does need touch ups after eating and drinking. Obviously, there is going to be transfer.

I love how moisturised my lips feel when wearing these lipsticks. There is a cool, minty sensation that can be felt, which soothes my dry lips. The LipLock Duo feels like a balm on the lips, more like a treatment than a heavy lipstick.

I'm a fan of many Skinn products and the LipLock Duo is certainly no exception!


  1. Super gorg! Love you in a coral lip!! I always wondered if these were good, now I know!!! Xo

    1. Thanks Christina. They really are! xx