Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Project Pan 2017 Update #2

Today I will be showing you my update on the products I am trying to finish, my last was about 2 months ago. You can see that here.

This is a rolling 5 pan so I just replace products as I finish them.

I'll start by showing you the ColourPop eye shadow in Cornelius. I used as much as I could, but am calling it a day on this one because it just became too dry to use. I am pretty happy that I got so much use out of it, though.

The 2nd product that I finished was the MBA Cosmetics lipstick sample in Drama Queen. I know it's not a huge achievement, but I just want to try and get through these samples before they go bad.

The last 2 months I seemed to make better progress on this concealer.

I made an effort to use the LA Girl eye liner more, making sure to use on the lower water line as well as the upper, still slow going, but there is progress.

I use this neutral coloured lip pencil with almost every lip colour. The exceptions being dark or bright shades.

I have 2 items to replace the finished products.

The Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold is well on its way to be used up, so thought I would include it in this project. I use it as a base for my 88 Warm palette shadows that I am also panning. It gives the eye shadows more intensity without taking anything away from their colour.

I am replacing the finished Dancing Queen sample with OCD another pink lipstick, this one is brighter. Let's just say that it's been interesting trying to get use out of it most days, lol.

So for the year of 2017, that takes my used Project Pan items to a total of 3. I know the samples lipsticks aren't a full sized product, but I'll still include them in the count. It makes me feel better about my panning achievements, lol.


  1. Wow you definitely panned that ColourPop eyeshadow! Well done!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. Thank you! Being such a wearable colour certainly helped xx