Friday, 13 January 2017

Chi Chi Sunkissed Palette

Not too long ago I participated in what's known as Beautorium. This is an event held on beauty website Beauty Heaven where you have the opportunity to swap earned points for beauty products. One of the products on offer was the Chi Chi palette Sunkissed. I've wanted to try a palette from this brand for some time, so was quick to add it to my cart.

Sunkissed contains a range of warm and neutral colours, which I have been all about lately. Having shimmers and mattes make this a cohesive palette that can easily complete your eye look, whether every day or dramatic. 

I swatched the shadows with my finger on bare skin. Some shades needed a few swipes to show up. 


A couple of the shimmer shades I found a little crumbly. The golds in particular weren't very pigmented as you'll see in my first Look, the lid colour is quite sheer. It does make for a nice every day wearable look, though. The neutral and peachy shimmers are much better in pigmentation. The mattes did tend to have some kick-up when using with a brush, however I found that they blended beautifully.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Overall Chi Chi Sunkissed is a palette I am happy to have in my collection, it contains shades that I love and could use on the daily. They're not perfect by any means, but are definitely workable.

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