Monday, 2 January 2017

Skinn Enriched Softening Essence

Essences seem to be a hot product right now, especially K-Beauty brands. I'd had the Skinn Enriched Softening Essence in my stash for some time, and thought I'd give it a go to see if it met the hype. I realise there's probably a world of difference when compared to the K-Beauty versions, but I thought this may be a good starting point.

Taken from Skinn- "Prep your skin with this exotic, invigorating and ultra-hydrating miracle in a bottle. Enhanced with young coconut water and an exotic blend of 26 different fruit and plant extracts, your skin will be flooded with nature’s best moisturizing ingredients. Featuring high-performing Tamarind seed extract to improve skin’s elasticity and texture while intricately binding moisture more powerfully than hyaluronic acid. Feel the relaxation as your skin transforms into a supple, soft, and primed canvas ready to maximize the effects of all your anti-aging treatments"

The essence is packaged in a handy 125ml. The bottle is simple yet classy looking.

It has a hole dispenser at the top which is a nice size to control the amount of product used.

The fluid consistency is not as thin as water, but not thick enough to be considered oily.

I use the essence on cleansed skin, pouring a small amount in the palm of my hand and massaging into my skin. It disappears quickly into the skin. After using, my face will feel soft and plump, yet not too hydrated that products used afterwards sit on my skin. In fact, I find that any other product I follow this essence with absorbs quickly.

I thought the Skinn Enriched Softening Essence was a glorified toner, but I was wrong. I find this extra step worth adding to my skincare routine. In future I'm sure I'll try an essence from a K-Beauty brand, but for now I'm quite content using this Skinn essence.

Have you tried a skin essence product?

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