Wednesday, 1 February 2017

January Empties 2017

After not doing an empties post for so long, I had to get back into the somewhat weird habit of keeping my empty products. Hence why I neglected the December installment, oops!

I was able to finish a handy bundle of products, mostly skincare, of course.

Skinn Wrinkle Soak- This mask is very hydrating. It smells divine, a sweet watermelon fragrance. It is also cooling on the skin which is nice in this warm weather.
Repurchase? It's a nice mask. I would be happy to use it again, but I don't feel the need to seek this mask out.

Garnier BB Cream for Combination to Oily Skin- I love how convenient BB Creams are. I like the evening of skintone I can achieve, giving me a hint of coverage whilst providing a radiant finish. The Garnier BB Cream for Combo skin is a fave of mine because it isn't too thick like some I have used and provides a decent amount of coverage for a BB Cream.
Repurchase? This is my 3rd tube and I will be sure to buy again.

Skinn Exfoliation AM Face Wash (Travel and regular sizes)- A gel cleanser that is designed for morning use. It works to gently exfoliate skin. It has quite an uplifting fragrance, which I find good for mornings.
Repurchase? A great cleanser, but I now prefer a creamy cleanser, so will most likely not buy again.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water- I used this cleansing water mostly to clean up eye shadow fallout or tidy up eye liner. I like that it is a budget product that works well.
Repurchase? I already have a back up.

Guerisson 9 Complex Cream- This cream could be controversial to some as it contains horse oil. It is very rich and thick in consistency. For that reason I used at night. It is so hydrating and I wake up with soft smooth skin.
Repurchase? I have other creams to get through, but I would consider purchasing again in the future. 

Skinn DermAppeal- This product is a thick physical exfoliator. Some may shy away from how course it is, but I see the product as mimicking a micro-dermabrasion that I can perform at home. I use the DermAppeal once a week for smoother skin, also helps with congestion.
Repurchase? Yes! I don't want to be without this product!

Ciencia8 Reflect8- This is the last of my Ciencia8 products. This product is a sunscreen. It has a very low SPF. Reflect8 does make for a lovely primer, as it has a silicone feel.
Repurchase? The SPF is too low and I can buy a primer that works just as well at a much lower price. So no I will not buy again.

Skinn Enriched Softening Essence- A great product to use after toner to soften skin. I did notice that other products I used absorbed quicker after using this essence.
Repurchase? I already have a back-up.

Skinn Restore C3 Powder- This is a vitamin C powder. I mixed it with the Skinn Enriched Softening Essence to apply at night.
Repurchase? I am currently using a vitamin C serum that I am enjoying, but I wouldn't be opposed to using this powder again. I like that I can be assured that it remains stable.

RawSkinCeuticals SPF Lip Balm- This lip balm lasted me for so long. It was a decent lip balm, but most of all I liked that it had SPF, as I often forget about my lips when it comes to protection from the sun.
Repurchase? Maybe, but it wasn't such a stand out that I feel I need this particular lip balm.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner- This liquid eye liner has a brush tip. I enjoyed using it when I first got it, but after many uses, I did notice the brush tip to not quite splay, but it was no longer as sharp.
Repurchase? I'm still trying to work out what form of eye liner I prefer, but I am not sure a brush tip liquid liner is it. I don't think I will be buying this one again.

RawSkinCeuticals Powder Foundation- I bought a few samples of this foundation to see which best suited my skin colour. This particular one that I finished was the perfect colour. I used it as a finishing powder and it was lovely. Finely milled and not cakey.
Repurchase? I have accumulated some powders that I need to finish first, but I would consider this foundation in future.

Love Potion perfume oil samples in Howl and Beautiful Dreamer- These are both calming perfumes which is fitting because they contain calming pheromone blends.
Repurchase? I don't feel that I need full sized bottles of these perfumes. That might be because I now have quite the collection and have decided that I will only buy perfumes that I can't live without.

Now onto the items I am decluttering. 

Tressemme Split Remedy- This is a leave-in conditioning spray meant to prevent split ends. I didn't really notice it do that much for my hair. The reason I am binning this product is because it has separated. Even when I shake it up, I can't get anything out of the spray nozzle because it is so thick. I would go to the trouble of pouring product onto my hand and applying that way, but I just don't care for it enough to bother.

FOA Screen Siren nail polish in Bombshell- I am giving this to my sister only because this particular neutral shade does not suit me.

Another month, another empties post! :)

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