Monday, 13 February 2017

Sunsense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+

We all know that using a sunscreen is important. Choosing the one that works for you is not an easy task. There are so many that it can be rather daunting. My preference is a zinc based sunscreen, I believe they are better for the skin. The issue with zinc based is that they can be very greasy and difficult to wear, especially on the face. Upon recommendation, I decided to give the Sunsense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+ a try.

Taken from Sunsense- "Specially designed for sensitive skin, this gentle lotion helps protect sensitive skin from the sun's harmful rays. Suitable for babies and those with sensitive skin."

The sunscreen comes in a standard tube, I do prefer this packaging for a sunscreen.

It has a flip-top lid. For some reason my tube does not snap shut, so I just store it lid side down to seal it. The small hole dispenser only allows a small amount of product out at a time which is good because I only need to use about a pea size for face and neck.

The SPF is quite thick in consistency, which is common with zinc based sunscreens. Out of the SPFs I have tried, the scent of this product would have to be the lightest and most pleasant. It disappears fairly quickly on the skin. I actually had to give the tube a sniff because I couldn't recall a distinct scent.

Although it feels thick, I find this sunscreen to be easy to apply. When I massage in, I notice a slight white cast, but this soon disappears once the application process is finished. I can comfortably apply then walk out the door without worrying that I look like Casper the ghost which is nice, lol!

The cream is not heavy at all. Most surprising is that there is no residue, definitely not greasy and not even tacky. I have not had an issue with wearing makeup over the top, in fact I often don't bother with a primer.

I am so happy I bought Sunsense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+, it's just so fuss free, whilst providing adequate protection. I have not experienced any sunburn whilst wearing this SPF. I am going to call it, this could just be my Holy Grail sunscreen, you heard it hear first!

What's your fave sunscreen?


  1. This one sounds lovely! I like that it's formulated for sensitive skin :)

    1. I really enjoy this sunscreen, Di. I've heard not so great things about the original sunscreen for sensitive skin, but the invisible version is fantastic xx

  2. I know I mentioned a couple of days ago that I wasn't sure about this, but I did a proper test of it yesterday on my face & body & I think I like it! It felt really light on my body & no Dreaded White Cast, unlike the original. I too noticed a slight white cast (and my face going a bit red - it happens with high zinc-based sunscreens), but it disappeared after application. I also didn't use primer when applying makeup & it was fine underneath. I may upgrade & get a larger tube next time!

  3. Glad that you are now liking the sunscreen, Shell! Better than loving a product, then discovering that it no longer works for you. Thanks for sharing, hun xx