Monday, 20 February 2017

Skinn Crease Release Triple-Advanced Contour Serum

An eye product is an absolute must in my skincare routine. Currently taking that role is Skinn Crease Release Triple-Advanced Contour Serum, wow that's a mouthful! This ended up in my collection after buying an Skinn eye care pack from Australian shopping network TVSN.

Taken from Skinn "Concentrated with double the wrinkle fighting peptides, Crease Release Triple Advanced Eye Contour Serum with Omega Plus smooths, firms and hydrates the delicate area around the eyes. Packed with essential fatty acids, Renovage and Dermaxyl to diminish and prevent signs of aging while improving elasticity for visibly more supple younger skin."

The eye serum comes in a simple, yet nice looking bottle. 

Removing the cap reveals a pump top dispenser.

The consistency of the serum is quite thick with a silicone feel yet is quite lightweight. I use half a pump between each eye area. Pumping onto the tip of my ring finger, transferring some onto the other then massaging gently. Ensuring I go around the entire eye area. I start from the outer edge of my eye then circle to the inner up and back across to the outer, tracing the orbital bone of my eye.

The serum just glides beautifully around the delicate area. Although a light formula, it does moisturise this area sufficiently which can sometimes get quite dry and crepe-y.

The main benefit I've noticed from using this eye serum is that the crows feet seem to not be so deep. Which is a fantastic improvement. 

The only issue I've had is that I have to be careful what product I apply this serum over, because it can sometimes ball up. Leaving some time before application seems to solve this problem.

What eye cream can you recommend?


  1. I'm using Kosmea at the moment, and sort of liking the results so far... It's only been two weeks, so still a bit to get before i can see proper results.

    Great post Indie

    1. Thanks Lubna. Would like to know how the Kosmea eye cream rates when you have used it longer xx

  2. I've been using the new Enbacci one and I'm loving it! xx

    Jasmine /