Thursday, 12 February 2015

Armani Code "Luna Giorgio Armani"

Hmmm Armani, well, doesn't that conjure up images of sophistication, elegance and wealth. I'm none of these, but I was willing to try an Armani perfume on my laid back, casual self.

Description- "The composition is sensual; citrusy, floral, oriental. The top notes are Italian bergamot accords and petit grain. The heart includes orange blossom absolute and mirabillis. While the base consists of vanilla pod."

Upon dabbing this perfume on my skin, I was met with a concoction that I was not expecting. I couldn't quite put my finger on what I was smelling exactly. It was rich, slightly spicy, with a floral sweetness, but what did it remind me of? A quick search of the perfume description, also led me to some reviews. For want of a better example, some one hit the fragrance on the is a little like sarsaparilla. Yeah, not quite something that you would associate with the likes of Armani.

The "sarsaparilla"  phase soon morphs once the perfume dries on the skin. Oh, it's still there, but in the background, way in the background. It becomes more of a juicy, tart orange, mingled with oriental spices and floral.

During wear, the rich notes softly waft from time to time.

Luna Giorgio Armani certainly is elegant. She can walk a red carpet, yet if you look close enough, you'll catch that twinkle, revealing that she's not afraid to have some fun.

Have you worn a perfume that you weren't sure of, only to find that it changes on your skin into something you enjoy?

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