Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Empties

Is it just me, or did it seem like only a few days ago that we were ringing in the new year? Oh well, as we say good bye to January, I will show you the products I have used up.

Lacura Cleansing Wipes- These wipes are affordable, and do a decent job of helping to remove makeup residue after I have oil cleansed. I still apply a cleanser afterward, I'd just prefer to remove makeup with a wipe, as opposed to staining a face washer. I also used these to spot clean my brushes between washes. 
Repurchase? Most likely. I do find that the tape that seals the bag loses its tackiness rather quickly, causing the wipes to dry out. When this happens I wet them and use them like I would a face washer, so I'm not really expecting a lot, only that they aren't rough on my skin, which these are not.

Coles Nail Polish Remover- I don't often shop at Coles, but had a gift card to use, and well, just happened to need polish remover that week.
Repurchase? I wouldn't rule it out, removes nail polish, that's all I want. It is more the fact that I will buy whatever is cheap, and I don't go out of my way to go to a store just for a certain brand of nail polish remover.

Cancer Council Day Wear Light Feel Face Sunscreen- I hate throwing out unfinished products, but sometimes it needs to be done. Especially in this case. When I first applied this sunscreen, I was so happy with the consistency, it wasn't goopy like other zinc based sunscreens that I have used before. What I could not stand was the smell. Ugh, it was so strong, it seriously nearly made me gag. For a good product, I'll put up with a smell I'm not keen on, but this just doesn't let up!
Repurchase? It really ticked all the boxes for me, but that strong smell, yuk, it's like chlorine. I did buy it when it was marked down, and then it sat in the cupboard until I finished the sunscreen that I had been using. Does sunscreen go bad? Maybe that explains it. Not sure if I could bring myself to buy it again just to see if this was the problem.

Ciencia8 Arestaline8- Great packaging, wonderful product, very, very expensive. I'll tell you more about it here.
Repurchase? If not for the high price tag, I definitely would. Plus I would prefer products that last longer than 30 days.

The Fruit Collection Shower Gel and Body Scrub- I received the mini duo in a pack for Christmas. I will begin by saying that the wild berry and passionfruit scent smelled divine, such a lovely summer fragrance. The shower gel was very liquid like, and I needed quite a lot to lather. The scrub was basically a gel that looked like it had scrubbing beads, but didn't feel abrasive at all.
Repurchase? Even if I could find these products, I wouldn't buy them. They were pretty crap.

Ciencia8 Mature8- I was sad to finish this jar. It probably wasn't necessary in my skincare routine, but I just loved how moisturizing, yet light it was on my skin. It seemed to help make my skin plumper, working in with the other Ciencia8 products that I was using.
Repurchase? If the family didn't need to eat, I would.

Maybelline Color Show "Porcelain Party" Nail Lacquer- I actually finished a nail polish!! It's only taken me a few years, lol. White is a shade that I use a lot, a base to make a colour "pop", and in lots of nail art. 
Repurchase? I've got a white polish that is slightly more opaque, so I'll probably not buy this one again. The polish itself is fine, 2 coats to opaque, and not too streaky. I don't really go into how long a polish lasts, because they all chip on me, no matter the brand. Besides, I feel the need to change manis often, so it's not really that important to me, anyway.

Mirenesse Auto Lip Liner in "Spicy"- I find this shade to be great for nude lipsticks, but I also used it for a variety of other shades because it prevents lipstick bleeding and encourages lipsticks to last longer. Applying this shade all over my lips does not detract from the colour of the lipstick applied on top. It's also water proof.
Repurchase? I have a few lip liners that I want to use first, then I will be looking to buy more of these lip liners from Mirenesse.

Firebird Body and Bath "Saltwater"- I  really used this perfume for its "novelty" value. Saltwater is not something I really want to smell like, but thought that the brand really captured the scent of the sea. The beach doesn't hold any nostalgic memories for me, but this would be great for someone that it does.
Repurchase? The fragrance appealed to my curiosity, I don't need to buy a full size.

New Directions Jojoba Oil- I have had this oil for so long. I can't even remember why I bought it, because I just wasn't sure how to incorporate it into my already full skincare routine. After some research, I discovered that it was good for use on break outs, which is what I did. Seemed to help heal faster, without drying my skin like a lot of spot treatments.
Repurchase? Yes, just not in this brand. Thanks to Ebay I can find jojoba oil cheaper than New Directions.

Elf Eyelid Primer in Pearl- I had been using this eye primer under my HG Silk Naturals Primer. The SN version is great as a sticky base, but I find a creamy primer does a good job of "filling in" my creases, preparing my lids for a smoother application. Plus with the discolouration around my eye area is not so noticeable with the evening out of the primer, and the white colour allowed the true shade of the eye shadows to be more apparent. 
Repurchase? I am now using the sheer version, which I like better than "Pearl", so I won't be buying this particular one again.

Silk Naturals Eye Lash Serum- I have been using this serum for some time now. I THINK it's working, as in I can see a difference, but am I just looking for one? I simply rub a little along the upper and lower lashlines, at the same time, while my eye is closed. I have recently started applying to the sparse areas of my brows.
Repurchase? The brows will determine whether I buy another (I am now using my back up) if I see hair growing where it's sparse, I will definitely be buying again.

Well, that brings me to the end of my empties. I'm rather happy with the amount that I got through.

What product excites you the most when you get to the last of it?


  1. Good on you with your empties!! I get most excited when I finish up the really big bottles/tubes as they usually take the longest and when they're done it's such a relief especially if I get sick of or don't like it! :)

    1. Oh yes, I definitely like finishing those big items that I'm totally over, feels so good to see the end of it, lol

  2. Good job getting through stuff! This is really great.

    1. Thanks hun, there was a couple of things that I was happy to see finished! xx

  3. Yey for a nail polish empty! :)
    I'm happy whenever I finish up a skincare product as it takes ages for me to use them up. I only use just a tiny bit every use so when I get really excited when I finish one!
    P.S. Mirenesse do have amazing lip liners! :)

    1. Finishing a nail polish is a rarity for me, so yeah, pretty excited about that one!
      I actually go through skincare quickest, but can understand how relieved you are to finish off a seemingly never ending product, lol