Friday, 6 February 2015

My Beauty Addiction Cosmetics

If you read my Christmas/birthday haul post, you would have seen the many plastic clam-shells containing lipstick samples from My Beauty Addiction, or MBA Cosmetics.

I really didn't need to add to my lipstick collection, however, I figured I could have fun with some lipsticks. I chose colours ranging from wearable, to a little bit out there. The latter I probably wouldn't wear out, but was curious to see how they would look on my lips.

Not only do I like the clam-shell packaging for lipsticks, I also appreciated that they were shipped in a plastic bag, sectioned for every row of 3 lipstick samples.

 Peach and Bare. Drama Queen was supposed to be in this swatch, but annoyingly I cannot find it!

Exotic Orchid, Hypnotic and Flaunt.

Flirt, Medusa and Pink-A-Boo.

Grape Crush, 5th Element and Nemisis.

Truth or Dare, Teal With It and OCD.

Violet Riot, Miss Monroe and Aquatic.

Burlesque, Fire Island and Cranberry.

Do you want to see me wearing these lipsticks? If so, stay tuned for my next post! ;)


  1. Wow oh wow! Are those really lipsticks?! The colours are just awesome!
    YES PLEASE!!! I'll be stalking your blog as I'm really curious how it will look like worn! The last 3 are pretty tantalising too!
    And Indie, you tempting me with lipsticks is not very nice especially as I have a lippie obsession and I'm on a spending ban! LOL
    I just checked out their website and can't believe how affordable they are and those samples! How can you resist?? I love the duos as well!
    May I ask how much you spent on shipping? Their website says it depends on your order and I'm always put off with shipping fee and that's the only thing stopping me from getting a haul from MBA. :)

    1. I'm sorry to enable you whilst you're on a no-buy, but you need some samples at least, not helping, right? LOL. For the 21 samples it cost me $15 (US) for shipping. Not cheap, but works out pretty well as a whole. Though, the Aussie dollar really sucks, which has put me off ordering international.

    2. If only the Aussie dollar is higher than the US dollar like before! I'm just going to be content drooling over your lippie collection for now! Maybe next year I can go on a big haul! lol

  2. You betcha I do - these colours are unbelievable Indie and the pigmentation is out of this world! I'm in love with more than half of them lol ♡♡♡

    1. I was very impressed by these lipsticks, hun xx