Friday, 27 February 2015

Mirenesse Whipped BB Moisture Fill

Today I have a Mirenesse product to review for you. This has been in my stash for some time, just waiting in line for its turn to be used.

I bought Mirenesse Whipped BB Moisture Fill when it was on sale (the only time I will buy products from the website!) and what made it even better value was that at the time I was a VIP member, which meant free delivery.

This product is a primer containing 3D Halo Spheres and botanical moisturisers with hyaluronate,  Formulated to provide a soft focus effect on the skin. Not only does it prime skin, it also creates a barrier to hydrate. It also has an SPF 10.

The tapered bottle is a 40g size. It fits easily in the hand.

If you pop off the lid, there's a sponge for application. But, if you unscrew, a nozzle is revealed.

The consistency is indeed light, almost like it has been whipped.

To apply I prefer to use the nozzle and blend onto my face with my fingers. I have not used the the sponge yet, concerned that I'll lose some product due to absorption. 

As you could imagine, the whipped formula means that the primer glides easily over my skin. 

It feels so light during wear, yet I feel it is providing adequate hydration.

The products adds a soft focus veil to my skin. If it wasn't so light, I would be content to wear it on its own on no makeup days. 

It evens out my skintone and reduces the look of fine lines by filling them in, yet not at all being cakey on my skin. Primes beautifully, preparing for foundation application.

I have to say that this would be my favourite primer, in fact it's the best I have used up until now.

I have applied the primer to the right side of my face only.  It's almost like a light has been shone on the side I am wearing product. Can you see why I love it!

What's your current fave primer?

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