Wednesday, 4 April 2018

March Empties 2018

I hope every one had a wonderful Easter. I spent the long weekend not doing a lot, but gorging on chocolate! I won't embarrass myself and show you the empty wrappers, instead I will show you the products that I finished in March, nice segue?

Once again this month I have decluttered quite a few products, thanks mostly to my declutter series.

Du'it Tough Hands Intensive Skin Repair- A no frills hand moisturiser for the guys as well as the girls. Quite a rich moisturiser that I would use at night when I had the time to let it absorb. This was a fantastic product to deeply hydrate my hands, helping to soften them.
Repurchase?  I would buy again, but I am not in need of a hand cream at this stage.

LPMP Myrrh Merlot- I seem to forget to include perfume samples when writing up my empties posts, but I will try in future. This perfume oil is said to be similar to Dior Poison, though I have not smelled that perfume. The fragrance is rich, dark and boozy grapes.
Repurchase? I appreciate the smooth blend, but it's not one that I would reach for, and certainly want to stop buying perfumes unless I love them.

Beauty Treats Pikake Facial Mask- A cloth sheet mask that contains vitamin C and vitamin E to soothe and moisturise skin.
Repurchase? As much as I liked this mask, I don't feel the need to seek it out, I can't even remember where I bought it!

Beauty Treats Green Tea Facial Mask- This gave my skin a hit of hydration.
Repurchase? As you can probably guess, I don't need to get more of these masks, didn't excite me.

Skin Republic Collagen Hydrogen Under Eye Patch- This pack comes with 3 pairs of patches for the under eye area. Formulated to help with puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. With my under eye issues, I was certainly able to put these claims to the test!
Repurchase? Yes! I love these for my under eye area. There wasn't much change to the dark circles and puffiness was reduced slightly. However, it gives so much hydration to the area that it plumps out fine lines and "irons" them out! 

Swisse Moringa Cleansing Oil- I used this oil as a pre-cleanse whenever I wore makeup. It did a great job of removing makeup.
Repurchase? I much prefer the Simple Cleansing Oil. Being an emulsifying oil it is not so heavy and easier to remove. So, no I will not repurchase.

Sukin Cream Cleanser- This cleanser reminded me a lot of the Moreish Cream Cleansers which are my favourite cleansers at the moment. Very gentle on the skin, yet cleanses nicely.
Repurchase? I have quite a few Moreish cleansers, and since they are being discontinued from Priceline, I might just replace with this one.

Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate- Well, didn't I feel fortunate and fancy when I was invited to trial this luxe serum. Very light weight and absorbed nicely, leaving my skin soft and smooth.
Repurchase? No, a little on the pricier side for me and really didn't impress me enough, thankfully ;)

Simple Soothing Facial Toner- A no frills toner that I use in the mornings instead of cleansing. I just pour a little on a cotton pad and apply to my face, removing any impurities from my skin.
Repurchase? Already have!

Now for some of the products that I am saying goodbye to.

I can't believe that I am getting rid of an eye shadow palette, but the MUA Starry Night is just not for me. I don't particularly like grey tones. The pinks are nice, but not enough to keep the palette for. The Maybelline Color Tattoo in Painted Purple has dried out and the Makeup Revolution pink blush is just too bright for me. Unfortunately I have to throw away my favourite blush brush because this Morphe brush handle has separated from the ferule.

Well, isn't that a nice chunk of polishes removed from my collection in a month. I am glad that I am parting ways with polishes that I just don't use. I want my stash to be made up of nail polishes that I love. Ideally that is my goal for my whole beauty collection.

Thanks for reading xx

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