Monday, 16 April 2018

Trilogy No. 15 Limited Edition Beauty Oil

I have come to appreciate facial oils. As it is with all skincare, the market is so saturated with oils (no pun intended), I can often find it overwhelming choosing just one. Of course I do change things up and often. When Trilogy released the No. 15 Limited Edition Beauty Oil, with no less than 15 oils, I was all over it, when it came on sale, that is! lol.

Taken from Trilogy- "Discover the power of pure plant oils with our one-of-a-kind, anti-pollution multi-tasker, Enriched with powerful antioxidants for rosehip, cherry and baobab oils to repair and protect, and independently proven to help provide anti-pollution defense against environmental damage to skin." Check out the link for the full 15 oil ingredients list.

The 30 ml of product comes in a tinted glass bottle with dropper dispenser. The golden coloured oil smells like rosehip oil to me.

My favourite way of applying this oil is to first spritz with a mist, currently I'm using rosewater. I then immediately dispense around 4 drops in my palm and massage into my skin. I then repeat for my neck and decollete.

Spritzing mist on first and applying oil while my face is still damp helps the oil to absorb faster, rather than it sitting on the skin for some time or being greasy. 

My face feels soft and plump after using this oil. It feels suitably hydrated so that I do not feel the need to follow with a night cream. I just love the idea of my skin receiving benefits from so many oils. However, if I'm being completely honest (as always), I seem to get the same results with rosehip oil. Don't get my wrong, I am enjoying the Trilogy No. 15 Beauty oil, but will form a final opinion once I have finished the bottle. I will update you in an empties post.


  1. I've thought about getting this particular oil since I'm a Trilogy fangirl, but I feel like it wouldn't get used all that often since I tend to use facial oils only in Winter. If it smells mostly like rosehip oil, then I'll avoid it since I've found it doesn't work well for my skin.

    Shell // The Novice Life

    1. After seeing how often you repurchase Trilogy products, I really want to now give the cream cleanser and moisturiser a try!