Sunday, 14 December 2014

Ciencia8 Cleanse8 Gel

Ciencia8 pride themselves in groundbreaking skincare products. Cleanse8 gel being one of them. This gel has been formulated to be used in the shower, as it has a gentle foaming agent. 

Foaming gels can often strip the skin and alter the natural PH level, this cleanser does none of these. The skin is cleansed, yet hydrated with Lipomoist which is a molecular film having a high moisturizing content that also has a firming effect on the skin.

The cleanser comes in a large 120 ml bottle.

A pump dispenser delivery system is what is used to administer product.

The consistency is common of  many gel cleansers.

I'll begin with what I don't like about this product. Basically, the bottle is too heavy for the lid, pick it up by the top, and you're left with the lid in your hand and the bottle on the floor, with a fairly loud thud. Thankfully, the bottle hasn't cracked. I appreciate the amount of product, just not the sometimes cumbersome packaging.

I need 3 pumps of product to cleanse my face and neck. 

Although there's a foaming agent, I wouldn't say that the cleanser actually lathers. I am not concerned by this, it just takes some getting used to.

The gel consistency distributes easily, gliding across the skin.

Because I shower at night, this cleanser is used after I've oil cleansed if I'm wearing makeup. The gel helps to remove the oil residue and any remaining makeup, including around the eye area.

My skin feels beautifully hydrated after use. I could almost get away with not using a moisturizer, my face feels so soft and smooth once dry.

Gel cleansers can sometimes be too harsh on the skin, but I have found this gel cleanser to be very gentle, whilst still doing its job. 

Although I have been planning to switch completely to cream cleansers, I am not disappointed to have received this type of cleanser in a skincare pack that I had ordered from TVSN. 

Just to let you know, the pack is actually also available on the Ciencia8 website at $279 for 6 products, which I think is a very good deal, keeping in mind just how expensive the products are. It can be viewed and purchased here.

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