Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Palette Appreciation- Glo Minerals Majestic Jungle

I am loving this series on my blog, the excuse to use a palette for one week was all I needed to finally use my eye shadow palettes, that had once basically been collection items. Some of my palettes look good, and I just find it hard to use them, because in some weird way, I feel that I am tarnishing them, lol.

I love the packaging of this palette.

This would be a perfect palette for travel, with a lovely mix of mattes and shimmer, it could be used for any occasion, day or night. The pigmentation is rather good. The formula is soft and buttery to use, the only con is that the surface of the shadows do crumble slightly in the pan..can get messy.

Included in the palette are 2 automatic liners. What I love is no need for a sharpener. The point is quite small, which should make controlling the line easier. However, the formula is a little hard, so I found that on the upper lashline especially, I did experience tugging, therefore I couldn't achieve a smooth line. On the lower lashline, I absolutely loved the grey. By using this colour, my look appeared finished, but not harsh like I have been finding black to be. I was rather surprised, because I've not rated this colour before. I have storage for product that I use on a daily basis, the grey liner is now among those items!

 Look 1

 Look 2

 Look 3

 Look 4

 Look 5

I covered both eye looks that I normally don't do. Neutral and smoky. It was refreshing seeing neutral tones on my lids. I find smoky looks a little intimidating, so more practice is needed there.

This palette is so versatile, easily going from a day look to a night one. You want casual, done! Drama? Easy! I love it!

What is your most versatile palette?


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  2. Had a typo in my last comment and thought deleting it would make it disappear.

    Gorgeous colours in this palette, I love the range of shades too!

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