Sunday, 21 December 2014

Ciencia8 Vitamin8

Yep, another Ciencia8 product review for you. This one targets my biggest skincare concern, pigmentation. Sun damage and scarring from breakouts, some products have faded the marks, but most just haven't cut it.

When TVSN was selling a Ciencia8 value pack, with Vitamin8 included, I jumped at the chance to try this cream. 

Vitamin8 contains 30% vitamin C, an effective concentrate to work on skin discolouration. Can be used on any area of the body.

The 15 ml packaging is airless, designed to maintain the efficacy of the active ingredients, especially the vitamin C. As this potent anti-ageing ingredient oxidises if exposed to air, making it unstable and ineffective.

The bottle has a pump top dispenser.

The cream appears thick, but actually has quite a light texture. 
I don't notice a scent.

This cream can either be used to spot treat, or all over the face. Spot treating would take me a very long time, so I opt for an all over application. 1 pump delivers a small amount, but being so smooth and light, it is enough.

Even with the high concentrate of vitamin C, I have not experienced any stinging or irritation. 

Now, I'm glad for the tv presentations, because I would have not been aware that using this product will actually cause more pigmentation to come to the surface of the skin. Sounds scary, but this is normal, its preparing for the next stage of reducing the discolouration.

After using twice daily for a couple of weeks, the added pigmentation is not too bad, not that much more than what's already on my face, really. 

Fingers crossed, I see a more even look to my skin tone. I will be sure to update you on how I go.

Do you like to use vitamin C in your skincare routine?

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