Friday, 5 December 2014

SOTD- Haus of Gloi "Litchi Milk Tea"

Don't you hate it when you really want to like a product, only to be disappointed. Unfortunately, this was the case with Haus of Gloi "Litchi Milk Tea". Let me explain.

With the description "tart lychee and black tea met with a splash of coconut", I thought the fragrance would be a hit for me.

Yes, it is sweet, fruity, zesty and creamy. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately with my skin chemistry, there was something about the perfume oil that reminded me of the distinct smell of sunscreen. Not a smell I want in my perfume. Maybe the tea? I'm not sure.

Such a shame for an oil that gets so many positive reviews.

What was your last purchase that didn't meet your expectations?


  1. Well it wasn't a proper purchase - I ordered a sample of Tom Ford Violet Blonde and Velvet Orchid thinking I'd adore them (after reading the ingredients) but they're just plain awful, sickly sweet gahhhh, couldn't believe it! Still I thought I'd try again, and this time I splurged on the cream of the crop, Black Orchid, and I simply adore it, but it's so darn expensive, I've now got myself into a pickle because I've fallen in love with something I really can't afford - lol, First World problems hey ha ha! Babe, I'm totally hooked on MyPerfumeSamples (thanks to you doll!), and I've about 30 samples to review - hanging out for the holidays so I can get some done...

    How weird that this company would make a fragrance that smells like sunscreen? It just goes to show how subjective perfume is, but I wouldn't miss all the experimentation and discovery for all the Litchi Milk Tea in China ♥

    1. I am so looking forward to your upcoming perfume reviews, hun. I love your way of words when describing a perfume! xx