Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ciencia8 Mature8

Now that I've turned 40, I realise that my skin needs more care, so will opt for products that target ageing skin.

Reading the product description, it's pretty clear that Mature8 is for the older lady, This product is jam packed with peptides that work together to actually redensify the structure of the skin. Reversing signs of ageing like sagging and thinning skin.

As with the other Ciencia8 moisturizers, this cream also comes in an airless jar. This means that the actives don't lose their effectiveness. It is also hygienic.

Although, this product is a cream moisturizer it is actually quite light in consistency.

It smooths over the skin beautifully, absorbing rather quickly. One pump, and I have enough for face, neck, and even a little for my hands.

Ciencia8 has formulated all of their products to inject plenty of hydration into the skin. I find this particularly so with Mature8. I have combination skin, so initially I was hoping that this cream wouldn't be too rich. But, quite the opposite, my skin absorbs the product rather quickly. Since using, I have not found I have had any major break outs. 

My skin now feels so hydrated, I have noticed this especially around my eye area, which had become quite crepy and drier compared to the rest of my face. But, since using the cream, I have noticed a softening in the more obvious crows feet, the skin seems to be more plump, which in turn diminishes lines.

I must admit, that I had not sought out to buy Mature8. It was included in a Christmas value pack that I just couldn't resist. It fit easily within the Ciencia8 skincare routine I'm currently using, as each product need not be completely absorbed before applying the next.

I can't say that I necessarily need Mature8, (especially at the retail price of $179!) but as I have almost finished the jar, I will admit that this product will be missed.

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