Thursday, 8 January 2015

U-Notyce Cosmetics

Did you see my recent Christmas/Birthday haul? If not, you can see it here. Well one of the many purchases I made came from online indie brand U-Notyce Cosmetics. I love the clever name! I had never heard of this store before seeing some looks created using these products on Instagram. Immediately, I fell in love, and had to try!

Because I find it hard to store the makeup I already own, I decided to just place a small order.

 Aerial- Silver to lilac duo chrome

 Revolution- Known as a quad colour, this rich wine shade will reflect either lighter or darker, plus even a bluish hue, depending on light play.

 Blossom- Nude pink with gold shift

 Frantical- Rich, rich metallic copper

 Generously included in my order were some samples. Gotta love awesome freebies! :)

 Rose Petal is a beautiful silvery pink, with load of shimmer.

Agrabah is an antique gold shade, with metallic finish.

 Illusion- Purple to teal duo chrome. Damn, I totally NEED a full size!

 Blue Blood- Metallic blue

Well, you can imagine just how much I wanted to play with these products! Here's 2 looks that I created.

So, for this look I used Revolution on my lid. Then, with a damp brush, I applied Aerial along my bottom lashline. Blossom is on my lips. I love, love, love this lipstick. Moisturizing, and the shade gives me the perfect nude lip, but with a divine golden iridescence.

 To create this look, I used Rose Petal, Illusion and Agrabah, in that order, on my lids. Lips is Frantical.

I found the eye shadows to be gorgeous, both in pigmentation and texture. Although I wouldn't class the lipsticks as lipstains, I do think that they are both lovely. (Preferable to stains, personally). They give you the option of creating a sheer to opaque finish.

If only I could do with more eye shadows, nonetheless, I'm sure I'll purchase again in future,     U-Notyce carry so many products that I must try!

Did you see anything in this review that you would try?


  1. I love the look of Illusion and Agrabah, they are stunning! How much do they retail for, lovely?

    I'd much prefer a pressed version though, I find it easier to store and less messy with application!

  2. Illusion is $8.99 US. I'm actually considering pressing the full sized shadows I ordered :)

  3. What beautiful looks! Also, awesome swatches. Blossom is my favourite of the lot.

    1. Thank you, lovely! Blossom is such a divine lipstick xx