Friday, 2 January 2015

SOTD- Possets "Wraith"

Described as "A tremendously alluring blend, more the kind of lover you want but could never catch. 6 musks blended together in a way which is frosting for the heart and soul. Primal and honey with a hint of cake, yet thoroughly modern and slinky."

This a grown up foody perfume. The musk notes cut through the sweetness, preventing the scent from being too cloying, but only just. 

A touch earthy floral, a touch creamy honey and sweet, sweet, sweet.

Sweet-tooths rejoice, musk lovers be excited, this perfume is sure to appeal to you!

Me? I'm not a huge fan of overly musky fragrances. I do like the powdering down stage of this perfume...but, it's another I don't NEED a full size of. With the amount of perfume oils I have, that's a good thing! :)


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