Saturday, 17 January 2015

Simple NOTD Sunday-

Hot weather, celebrations, I'm getting a little tired. So I was in need of some bright, fun and cheerful colour, with a little bling.

 LA Colors "Orange Crush" is such a great colour to contrast with the fuchsia, white and silver threads running through LA Girls Feather Frenzy "Flamingo". 

I just love this fun look!

What do you do to brighten your day? :)


  1. I've got a similar orange shade. I bought it for doing ombre looks with pink & red, & to use as a base with my black crackle, but I find it's wearable by itself. I don't "get" the feather effect but I do love the pink & orange mix. Pink & orange (& yellow) together always reminds me of lollies, so I love this look. I'm SO over summer!

    1. Oh, the ombre and crackle look you described sounds amazing!