Friday, 7 August 2015

Beyonce "Midnight Heat"

I have, and really like Beyonce "Heat", so it was only natural that I would want to give "Midnight Heat" a try. Plus the purple bottle is so pretty, so if I needed a full size, I'd love the flacon, too ;)

Description- "It opens with rich fruity flavours of plum from Armenia and star fruit. Orchid, black tulips and purple peony form the heart that gradually turns into the oriental base of warm amber, sandalwood and patchouli."

I find that upon application, the florals in this perfume were a little green and almost herbal. Not a fan of this stage, however, the fruitiness and more sweeter floral emerges. This exotic transformation I do like. 

Unfortunately by this stage, the silage is quite disappointing for me. I find that I have to sniff my wrists to actually smell the perfume, which is strange because the original version seems to last much longer.

Oh well, it seems that I won't be adding the pretty purple bottle to my perfume collection...


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  2. I love your perfume reviews! This sounds like a miss....herbal scents arent my bag either..

    1. You're too kind, Christina. I'm not sure a perfume always translates in written form, but I try my best. Plus, perfume is so subjective, but I love it! xx