Thursday, 6 August 2015

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Eye Foils in "Emerald Goddess"

Deciding what to order from UK based Makeup Revolution wasn't easy. There were so many of their products that I wanted to try, but there was some culling that needed doing from my wishlist, as there usually is with every order I place, lol. What did make the cut was one of the Awesome Metals Eye Foils. I really wanted "Rose Gold", unfortunately that shade wasn't available at the time, so I opted for "Emerald Goddess" instead.

The kit includes a liquid primer, mixing tray and intense pigments.

The mixed primer and pigment create this lovely green metallic shade.

Once mixed, I was able to apply with my regular eye shadow brush. Being a cream, it did take a little bit longer to smooth on the lids to reach an even, opaque finish. 

I was very impressed with the minimal amount of creasing that I got at the end of the day, it was really barely noticeable, but I thought it was worth noting. There was no transfer to my hoods which is huge because many cream products end up leaving traces above my lids. 

As much as it was a novelty to mix the pigment and primer to create the eye shadow, I can't imagine it being something that I'd reach for very much. Especially when I have other shadows that give a metallic finish without the need to take the time to prepare. 

If you are considering buying the pricier Stila Magnificent Metals, I would definitely save some cash and purchase Makeup Revolutions offering instead. A quick search in google images led me to believe that "Emerald Goddess" is a pretty good dupe of Stila's "Metallic Emerald".

Are you a fan of metallic eye shadows?


  1. Very pretty!! Rose Gold would look beautiful on you too! I love metallics but rarely wear them since Ive always got such bright lipstick on!! I should try it though! Lovely post as always xoxoxo

  2. Thanks, lovely. I am still tempted by Rose Gold, maybe when I need to fill the online shopping void, I might purchase it xx