Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Glitter Sandwich Nails

An easy, yet effective nail look is to start with a base colour, a sheer polish is best. Then alternate a few coats with a glitter polish. You can either finish with the glitter or the colour. This is known as a "Glitter Sandwich". This technique gives the look of more depth than just nail polish with a coat of glitter topper.

I chose to use Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear "Blizzard Blue" and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "Mermaid's Tale".

I will try more of a sheer colour next time, but I love the dimension using this technique gives. Super easy and just so pretty, with so many combinations I now want to try! In direct sunlight this mani comes alive with sparkle being more noticeable. Removal is not so fun, but worth it, in my opinion.

Would you try a "Glitter Sandwich"? On your nails! I don't recommend eating glitter no matter how pretty it looks, lol.


  1. Perdy!!! Ive had my eye on mermaids tai for yonks, love your combos here! I wish glitters were easier to remove!!! You did a beautiful job! Xo

    1. Thank you, Christina. I agree, glitter removal sucks!

  2. I HATE sheer nail polishes but I love glitter. This is a GREAT idea, Indie! I don't know which to pair yet, but I'm going to be trying this out for sure. Thanks!

    I don't find removal so bad. I saturate a cotton ball with remover, then press it into the nail to let the remover penetrate the polish for a few moments before I begin rubbing away. I then remove the bulk of the nail polish. While my nail is still wet with remover, I slide (not scrape) the remaining glitter particles off with the curved hook end on a metal nail file. If it doesn't come off, don't push harder, just get the nail wetter with remover. It still takes a while, but it's not painful that way.

  3. Oh, I'm the same! I really don't get excited by sheer polishes. I just love what layering them with glitter polish does for the finished nail look. Thanks for the tips on glitter removal, will have to try them, might make this process less painful :)